The Known Universe

The American Museum of Natural History has this video called “The Known Universe” that starts near snowy Mt. Everest and, like Powers of Ten, pulls out and away from Earth to the rest of what we know is out there.  This isn’t conjecture, mind you, the positioning data was pulled from Hayden Planetarium’s Digital Universe Atlas, which is available for free download.

And yes, you will and should feel the mighty insignificance of being a human being.  We are but mere ants in the evolution of the universe.  If you can watch this in HD and full screen, by all means do so! [via here/here]

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  • john kendon December 21, 2009, 6:20 am

    oh dear!! i am but an insignificant dust particle on a small ant!!!! absolutely brilliant!! how do we over estimate words such as "mighty" and "powerful" and "awsome" when we are but no more than an itch in the universe!!!

    humble humble humble we are but human beings..

    john kendon